Current IMBA student Celine Salman from the USA

…Here are the top three reasons why I’m happy I did:

  • On a personal level:

Choosing to do an internship adds another layer to your personal development during your IMBA experience. The experience may lead to discovering a new city, meeting new people and establishing a new network. It also gives you the chance to make some personal discoveries, as you have the chance to take a step back and re-assess what you want out of your experience at IE. With some self-reflection in a new context, you may realize that there are certain student clubs you would like to be more involved in, that some electives may prove to be more beneficial for your career in the long run,  that there are some people you would really like to get to know better or that you would like to re-focus on discovering Madrid and learning Spanish. Temporarily detaching yourself from IE and re-submerging yourself back into the “real world” reminds you why you applied to business school and chose to attend IE to begin with, and what you want to get out of the experience before you graduate. You return with newly defined goals and renewed energy for the last four months ahead.

  • On a professional level:

Even though you have only been in school for seven months, temporarily jumping back into the professional world offers many benefits. First, your internship may prove to be a stepping stone to a full time career with the same company post-graduation. Second, the internship gives the opportunity to test out a new industry, role, city or company without a full time commitment. For those who want to test the waters, an internship gives you the perfect opportunity to help refine your professional goals without taking a big risk. Moreover, the opportunity to network first hand within the company, industry and your new context is priceless and can give you a big advantage when looking for jobs when you are back in Madrid.

  • It gives you a break:

After two intense terms and two challenge weeks, I would have had difficulties jumping right back into a new wave of learning. I commend my colleagues that succeeded but I know that myself and many of those that did the internship saw the period as an opportunity re-charge.

I spent my three months interning at Paramount Picture’s start-up hotel operating brand, Paramount Hotels & Resorts, in Dubai and I could not have been happier with the experience. I had the opportunity to re-focus my MBA goals, re-assess my career track, live and work in the city I want to be in post-graduation, create a strong relationship with my employer as well as expand my local network.

However, choosing to do an internship may not be the optimal track for all MBA students. Some may feel that they are too far along in their career to go back to being an intern, others want to absorb and immerse themselves as much as they can in the MBA experience and some may already have a strong idea of what their plans are post-graduation. In my opinion, pursuing an internship is beneficial to those interested in a career change, to those that are considering relocating or to those that may not have any idea yet of what they want post-graduation. IE offers many ways to customize your MBA journey and the IMBA in Practice is only one of the many options available to you.

Best of luck with your decision and feel free to contact me with any questions! – Celine