GE HealthcareFrom the 13th of October to the 17th of October, International MBA students (April 2014) started the Challenge Week, during which they worked on developing new lines of business and made diversification proposals for GE Healthcare’s services portfolio. Guided by managers from GE and professors from IE Business School, the students met with professionals from the sector, visited hospitals, and interviewed senior professionals from the health industry. They then used this knowledge to develop business ideas and present the proposals to a panel of judges that was comprised of executives from GE. Five teams were selected as the best projects by GE judges.

After the Challenge Week, the teams had a prep- session one on one with GE directors, Jose Herráez and Luis Campo who came especially to IE in order to coach our students before the final presentations.

On November 12th, the winners presented to GG Sved- VP & GM GE Healthcare Services Europe and René Ficara- VP GE Healthcare Service Sales Europe.

 Here are the closing remarks said by GG Sved:

¨The talent and clarity of thoughts that I saw here today was amazing. We will definitely be looking into these for prioritization for investments areas and for opportunities and any bits and pieces of the solutions that you are proposing.

It is stunning, one of the most uplifting hours of the past few month for me.

I hope you all got a lot of it as well. I hope the sector as such has become more interesting for you. We are hoping to see you delivering more than proof of concept in the future and actually coming and joining us to be a part of the solutions for years to come.

Huge thank you for your investment and time. The pitches were amazing and I hope to see you and work with you in the future.¨


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