Last October IE presented “IE GASTRONOMY,” a new initiative focused on “Managament, Nutrition and Welfare” and headed by the President of Spain’s Royal Academy of Gastronomy, Rafael Anson, in collaboration with Banco Popular and the Telefónica Foundation.

IE Gastronomy is aimed at alumni, current students, IE staff and faculty, and collaborating organizations. The key objective of this innovative, creative and healthful initiative is to disseminate and share ideas and experiences in the fields of food and nutrition, the ultimate aim being to bring added value to IE’s academic programs.

The opening remarks of the event were delivered by the Dean of IE Business School and President of IE University, Santiago Iñiguez. Participants in the event included IE President Diego del Alcazar, as well as alumni and directors. Rafael Anson explained that the project is designed to encourage people to eat as well as possible. Anson commented on the importance of trying everything, eating a good range of food but with moderation.  “It is important for people to eat well and live a healthy life that includes exercise or sport, but they should also enjoy their food by combining different elements and trying new dishes.”

In order to achieve its goals, the project is divided into three main areas: educational programs, a gastronomic community, and activities. Programs will comprise 8 modules designed to transmit the importance of health  and nutrition, and will include a module focused on providing a global vision of gastronomy, one on gastronomy and health, one on the impact of gastronomy on the economic and tourism sectors, and another on gastronomy and education.  The online gastronomic community will be chaired by Yolanda Regodón and will offer the latest news on gastronomy, nutrition and well-being, and the latest trends in restaurants, food and drink, and beauty and esthetics. Every aspect of the initiative will help generate content related to the quality of life of members of the community on both a personal and professional level. The aim is to create a networking platform where people can share experiences and users have access to news and enjoy a series of advantages. The community will feature sections on beauty and other additional complementary features.

Rafael Anson was accompanied in the presentation of IE Gastronomy by Gregorio VarelaPresident of the Spanish Foundation for Nutrition, and Chef Mario Sandoval. Gregorio Varela, who is actively involved in the project, stressed the importance of eating healthily. He expanded on many of the points that Rafael Anson had made, and added that nutrition is health plus pleasure, that the intake of calories and knowledge about food, the different food groups, and knowing how to eat are not as widely known as they should be, but that initiatives like this will enable people to avoid health problems and live life more to the full.

Finally chef Mario Sandoval, an expert in handling foodstuffs, wanted to underscore the importance of knowing about the foods that we eat. The main aim should be to eat well while taking in fewer calories.

The project is a concerted effort to enable all those who form part of IE to have the information they need to eat better, cook healthier meals, achieve a better quality of life, and learn to enjoy food to the full.

IE Gastronomy

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