APACThis Fall has been a season of major summits in Asia Pacific (APAC): The G20 in Brisbane, APEC in Beijing, and ASEAN in Naypyidaw (Myanmar) are all examples of high profile events that gave real visibility to the power jockeying of major powers (primarily China and the US) in the APAC region. Currently, there are three major trade agreements (TTP, RCEP, and FTAAP-21) being negotiated that will not only significantly impact trade in APAC, but they’ll also have important and varying impacts on global trade in general. On December 17, the final Asia Pacific Quarterly Networking Cocktail, you’ll not only get all the key information you need on this Fall’s summits and what the issues being decided were/are, you’ll also get the chance to share ideas and meet other students and professionals who take an interest in the region. Learn more on the event, prizes and how to sign up at https://www.smore.com/r7nyx.

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