By the IE Capital Markets Club 2014-15


Capital MarketWe at the IE Capital Markets Club were proud to be present at the IE Club Fair. We met many interesting people and discussed so many new topics to focus on in this new term. So much so that we are even working on an extension to the current topics we work with.

Centering Bloomberg we are focusing on including Investment Tools training. In collaboration with HEC and other European business schools we are working to for a cross business school club that contributes and shares financial information. These programs are still in the working stage and should be up and running in the beginning of 2015.

Also, to be more oriented to the job market we plan to organise member teach-in sessions especially directed for those interested in pursuing CFA, CAIA, or FRM. We also plan on facilitating Economy Discussion & Analysis taking advantage of the free access to both WSJ and FT thanks to IE. This encourages us to read articles every day and grasp the constant changes in the state of international economy. It can be further combined with case studies and presentations focused on top-down analysis, etc.

This is just the start of what looks like a great year ahead of studying, analysing and discussing relevant global issues in the world of capital markets. We are looking forward to high participation from the IE student base. We hope that our efforts dedicated to making this possible would be a good contribution to the IE student life!

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