By Never Empty

Never Empty is a start-up born in the IE classrooms that has taken upon itself to change the face of ticketing. It is developed by People Sports Ticket S.L., a technology and marketing company, recently established in the Spanish sporting landscape. It was developed BY sports fans, FOR sports fans. We want stadiums to ALWAYS be full. It is the first platform which enables an exact match between the pricing of an event ticket, and the value of the ticket to the customer.

Never Empty allows you – the sport fan, a chance to name your price for the event which you would like to attend. The final price will be determined by your fellow fans who are also bidding. Only bids which are higher than the final price to be set, will be accepted and charged. If your bid is lower than the final price – you will not be charged anything. Making a bid is completely free!

Our state of the art platform is fully secure and automated. Your payment details will only be used should you place a winning bid. To find out more click here.

We want to celebrate its launch with La Liga champion, Atlético de Madrid, and invite YOU to bid on tickets for the upcoming Atlético – Granada match on January 18th.


Never Empty

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