By Arabdha Sudhir


Cameron-picTalking to Cameron, one cannot possibly miss the ring of positivity in his voice and the zest to do things differently! You come back inspired – and it’s no surprise he´s working as a Product Manager in what is the most sought after workplace today- Google (Mountain View, California).

He comes from a risk engineering background and is an IMBA alum from IE. He then went on to do his dual degree with Yale School of Management in New Haven.

When asked about his Experience at IE Business School, he says “IE was a collective experience for me – it’s the amazing people you´re with, the ecosystem of learning together combined by the Madrid factor. I met a group of people so amazing that they became my family. The experience was transformative!

I was blown away by the professors and how good the teaching was! I came to IE wanting to do something different, to find opportunities to do so and that´s what happened – doors opened.”


What does he have to say about the dual degree program with Yale? – I ask.

It’s the best of both worlds! I would recommend the Masters In Advanced Management program at Yale to just about anyone. Having a dual degree from two top B Schools- IE and Yale – will change your life.

IE being a part of the Global Network of B Schools works amazingly for the students and in my opinion, everyone should be aware of the existence and potential of this alliance – and leverage it if they can.

Yale gave me the chance to get the personalized and individualized experience that I sought. I found out about the program at Yale accidentally while at IE and decided to go for it. What drew me towards the program was the ability to focus on my own priorities: managing complexity, leadership, and innovation management.

The MAM program at Yale is actually the heart of the Global Network. At Yale, the entire school opens up to you giving you the complete and unsolicited freedom to study and learn whatever subjects you wanted to!

And imagine the network effect- you had the very diverse IE network before and now you´re connected to people from 27 other world class B schools and their networks as well. My network compounded and exploded at a scale unimaginable to me before.

With the dual degree at Yale, you have the option to be a part of the 27 B School alliance trying to make a difference. Not everyone gets this opportunity to go to IE and Yale – the best possible combination.”


And what would he say about Google and how he ended up there?

“I always wanted to work at Google and working here turned out to be everything I had hoped for. My life is filled with unicorns and Google is the promised land.*laughs*

I felt like all of my background – with the focus in leadership and innovation, the combination of IE and Yale was leading me towards this. My experience taught me to look at a problem from every possible angle – design, business, strategy and make a clear judgement.

The interview process at Google was long and it comprised a series of interviews- skill focused and open ended! There really is no right way to prepare. What was important was to stay calm and collected. It is a combination of instinct, skills and judgement that they look for. It’s the focus on merit and merit alone which I admired so much.”

Talking a bit more about the experience of working there, he says-“It´s the PEOPLE-they´re so motivated and positive. They are the best at what they do!

You talk about these wonderful amenities at Google but they´re just there to help these absolutely brilliant people shine.”


So-what would he advise the wannabe Googlers?

“Just do what you can to be your absolute best – especially on your interview day!”


And finally, a word for the IE students-

“When people come to a B School, they come with a lot of baggage. They´re constantly worried about where they would end up! Everyone underestimates themselves.

You´re here at IE- you´re already great! Come down with an open mind and have some faith in yourself. You´re going to be absolutely fine. Everyone ended up at a good place and happy- so don´t be afraid and live the experience!”


As usual, Cameron has the final word as you walk back impressed.



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