We´re delighted to inform that two of our IMBAs are in the finals for one of the most prestigious MBA awards- AMBA awards.














María Cecilia Rodríguez Alcalá from Paraguay (Nov 14 intake) is a finalist in The Independent MBA Student of the Year Award (sponsored by The Independent newspaper).

Cecilia came to IE with a brilliant academic record punctuated by major awards. She began sixth in class and now holds a well-deserved No. 1 position. Cecilia is from a liberal arts background, making her capacity to achieve top marks in finance studied from scratch remarkable. Her naturally positive and generous nature made her a go-to person for help among peers, who consider her pre-exam schematics essential reading. Classmates describe how she homes in on highly relevant issues, and teammates describe her as “a truly motivational person, who, whenever you need her, is there.” The school and programme have benefitted enormously from her expert coordination of IE’s Latin American Business Club and her TedX contribution. IE is also set to gain from an e-academy project led by Cecilia using the school’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. It will offer online courses on robotics and programming for community development to all IE stakeholders.



Matan Ganani from Israel (Alumnus, Apr 12 intake) is a finalist for the Entrepreneurial Venture Award as CEO and Co-Founder of his start-up “Never Empty”.

Matan Ganani had a background in law and private education when he came to IE, where his MBA and IE’s entrepreneurial spirit brought a shift of focus to entrepreneurship. IE’s entrepreneurial eco-system served as the primary vehicle to develop the foundations for “Never Empty”, an initiative aimed at tackling the problem of under-utilized venues in public events, while providing further segments of the population access to events they very much want to attend, but considered unaffordable.

We congratulate Cecilia and Matan, who are both outstanding examples of the best of IE and wish them all the luck !


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