IE Humanities

One of the key aspects of IE mission, of our whole academic community, is the humanistic point of view, the capacity to have another voice and another way of looking at things, of seeing and articulating possible new meanings.


In order to foster further the presentation before the whole IE community of such other voices and insights from our students and former students, the IE Humanities Center, our research and teaching  center specialized in the Humanities, convenes in collaboration with IE Foundation the IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities.


The IE Foundation Prizes in the Humanities are convened in four different categories: Short story in Spanish and in English, Poetry in Spanish and in English, Short Film and Photography, and they are opened exclusively to students of IE and alumni.


The three best works in each category or subcategory will be duly recognized. The prizes, granted by IE Foundation, will consist of a collective print edition of the awarded pieces together with a pen-drive of their digital versions together with the awarded short films. The edition will have a distribution of 1,500 copies, a hundred of which will be given to each winner for their personal, non-commercial use.


We encourage you to participate and show your capacity for expressing yourself with another voice or another vision, so we can all realize it.


If you want to participate or further information, please click here