The seed of Gourmista planted during an IMBA program while three of the original co-founders were attending IE Business School in Madrid. Through the entrepreneurial spirit harnessed at IE and the ambitions of these co-founders, Gourmista started to sprout; albeit, many iterations later, Gourmista is quite a different concept than the original.

Gourmista_Anna Kaminova_20160510_5-2
Anna Kaminova_20160619_1Anna Kaminova_20160619_1-2From home cooks to exceptional dining experiences, Gourmista evolved. This all really began to change once the three co-founders met their executive chef de cuisine, Balpreet Chadha, who saw the potential in the concept to be something exciting. The four met, somewhat ironically, in what is arguably considered the food capital of the world, San Sebastian, and immediately the passion for food and flavors, cuisines and gastronomy set them on their path.

Balpreet, otherwise known as Chef Brownie, is an Indian-born chef, trained in classic-French technique that has worked in some of the most well-renowned eateries around the world, from Dubai to Madrid. And, although Chef Brownie is surely the talent, the rest of the team are the cogs in the machine, the ones who support the scale of the cuisine and chef, the growth of the brand, and the image imprinted on the community.

Almost three months on, the team has launched their website, registered their company, progressed through the Venture Lab Accelerator, participated in the Venture Day Finals startup competition, spoken with endless mentors, peers, investors, and other entrepreneurs, made almost 500 sales, and added a marketing expert (and fellow gastronomy lover) in order to help their brand grow. Needless to say, the journey has just begun.


We are Gourmista, a disruptive food concept, an experiment with greatness. Imagine, for a second, four or five crazy talented, wildly imaginative chefs with the skill and technique to match in one kitchen, on one website at the same time (and watch the masterpieces manifest).

Well, this is what Gourmista is. Gourmista is a delivery platform that connects these talented chefs directly to people. We have ambitions to create the greatest access to exciting cuisines that the world has ever seen. We aim to be the leading food ecosystem that connects chefs and customers through culinary experiences.