By Ernesto Méndez Chiari, September 2016 Ambassador


Ever since launch (our orientation days), the IE team invites you to get involved and become a key player in this community. While studying and socializing consumes a large part of the schedule of any IMBA student, some find time to lead clubs and initiatives that make the IE experience even greater for them and for others. These opportunities bring together people form diverse backgrounds and experiences and unite them based on similar interests. However, a select group of students take up on another challenge: to become IE Ambassadors. These IMBAs undergo a training process and become the faces of IE. From conducting campus tours around Maria de Molina to representing IE in social media platforms, the Ambassadors truly represent the IE spirit. A proud group of January 2016 Ambassadors showed their passion and commitment towards the IE community through their efforts. Pendar, David, Beatrice, Amr and Irene arrived to IE like everybody else, but left their footprints like only a few do.


Becoming an Ambassador is a commitment. It takes time that could be otherwise invested in group work, meeting other students or… catching up on sleep. For Beatrice Murage, becoming an Ambassador meant sharing opportunities. Her goal was to become a bridge through which more minds can access the opportunities and networks provided by Kenya and IE Business School. David Harlley got involved with because he likes to give back, and at the same time, help to build the future of the IE community. Irene Kieru believes in sharing her IE experience with others; Amr Abaza enjoys meeting prospective students show them IE; and Pendar enjoys both, meeting new people and showing them IE and everything that happens around.


If the Ambassadors truly like sharing their IE experience, then that means the time spent here was a time of change, of learning and of course, of fun. Beatrice believes IE is an amazing global trip and encounter with a myriad of the world’s cultures, minds, hearts and personalities. What makes IE great for David is the freedom to think and explore, the people, and a great city. Amr met friends that quickly became family. For Irene, everything has been eye opening, while Pendar had a chance to learn from some of the most talented people from around the world.


That one thing all Ambassadors have in common, decides from their passion for education, business and a great group of friends, is that all believe their IE experience was a transformational one. Amr speaks about humbleness and learning from everybody, staying out of the comfort zone and doing things differently, while Irene became an entrepreneur, starting her own company. David now believes people is more about people, while Beatrice’s main take is that diversity is a beautiful paradox full of beauty and strength. Pendar is certain that his year at IE improved his ways of working with teams, leveraging cultural differences and even becoming more organized.


Things like running with bulls, wearing lederhosen to Oktoberfest, safaris in South Africa, and a wedding in Uganda combined with working in groups with people from many cultures and backgrounds, and of course, challenging and learning about oneself are some of the many ways ambassadors describe their IE experiences.


The IE experience, as our ambassadors describe it, is one that takes places in the classroom, with workgroups, and outside of IE. Pendar, Beatrice, Amr, David and Irene represent a small percentage of IE, but a huge part of its spirit.


*Admissions note*

From Admissions we would like to thank the Ambassadors from the January 2016 intake for all their hard work and support. We wish you all the best in life post-IMBA!