If someone is considering a MBA (or IE in general), what would your advice to that person be?

From our January 2016 Ambassadors (and most recent graduates!)

By Ernesto Méndez Chiari, September 2016 Ambassador

Amr Abaza: Do not focus on the short term gains. Do not under-divest in your relationships. Do not find a comfort zone. Do not discount anyone’s ability to teach you something. Do not be afraid to fail, experiment or do things differently. Most importantly, be yourself and only benchmark against yourself and not your peers! Compare your success and development to where you personally were at the beginning of your program rather than against your peers.

Irene Kieru: Do not be afraid, reach out and you will not regret it.

David Harley: There seem to be 2 types of MBAs. There is the type that aims to develop a management consultant, or a finance person. The second type of MBA is more like IE.  In this MBA, you have the space and freedom to experiment, try different things, meet a wide variety of people and learn about a whole lot more than consulting or finance. You come out a different person, and hopefully along the way you figure out what you want to do. That’s IE.

Beatrice Murage: Whatever you do, make it worth your while. Dive in, engage and enjoy the craziness. You will be amazed at what you can achieve if you choose to immerse yourself in the entirety of the roller-coaster that is the MBA journey.

Pendar Khosravi: Know why you want to do an MBA. Some people just do it because it’s the next step in their careers. This is an important decision, but it is one that cannot be taken lightly. Some people came to get an MBA for the wrong reasons and may leave disappointed. Make sure it’s the right time in your life and come without expectations. Let the experience surprise you and have a plan for what you want to get out of the program. It is the best one year of your life.