IE is launching this initiative to lead the wave of disruptive innovations in Higher Education. We aim to support the EdTech revolution to make sure that IE´s students and faculty benefit from the latest technologies and innovations across IE´s programs.

We want to bring all the value IE has to offer to every start up we partner with, identifying companies that can benefit from our support, our innovative & entrepreneurial mindset and world class mentors, helping them grow from early stage to more mature stages.


What is IE ROCKETS? 

Part accelerator, part angel investor, part very committed educational client – IE ROCKETS is designed to rapidly build your capabilities and brand in the higher education sector, helping you penetrate the market quicker and making it easier for you to raise capital.

To be part of IE ROCKETS, your startup must have already a working product, already with significant traction and revenue before you join us. We offer entrepreneurs two differentiated programs, according to your market stage and needs: IE ROCKETS ACCELERATION and IE ROCKETS PILOTS.

2018 Applications Open Until May 31st


If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please learn more about IE ROCKETS