2018: More than 15 International Venture Days


IE Venture Days are international events designed to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem, connecting the best startups, investors, corporations, accelerators and thought-leaders. Every Venture Day lasts between 4-8 hours, and its format is a combination of keynote speakers, panel discussions and a startup competition with the most-promising entrepreneurs of the region. The conferences are open to the general public, and IE students and alumni as well as individuals from the local and regional entrepreneurial communities are invited to participate.

Our Venture Days take place in cities around the world, connecting the entrepreneurial community across all continents. In the past three years, we have held more than 35 International Venture Days in cities such as Shanghai, Tokyo, Miami, Bogota, London, Santiago de Chile, Paris and many more!

Moreover, every year Madrid hosts two Venture Days with more than 500 attendants, which celebrates the winners of our Venture Lab Accelerator program.

In 2018, we will organize more than 15 Venture Days around the world. Here are our next confirmed destinations:

  • April 21: Beirut Venture Day (Lifestyle & Entertainment)
  • May 14-18: Barranquilla (Tourism Innovation Challenge)
  • May 30: Tel Aviv Venture Day (Edtech)
  • June 15: Chicago Venture Day (Legaltech)
  • June 20: Mexico Venture Day (Legaltech)
  • July 17 – 26: Panama (H2O Challenge)
  • October: Lagos Venture Day (E-commerce: building the marketplace of the future)
  • October: Manila Venture Day (Housing of the Future)
  • November 8: Santiago de Chile Venture Day
  • November 28: Tokio Venture Day (Media & Technology)

And coming soon… Bolivia, Ecuador, India…


Most recently we hosted our Govtech Venture Day on April 11th in Madrid, Spain.