Be disruptive!

The International MBA at IE is designed for those who can think outside the box and challenge conventional thinking. To increase your competitiveness, in just one year the program helps you act upon your ideas and offers ongoing feedback that focuses on you and your individual career aspirations.

IE’s innovative pedagogy pushes traditional classroom boundaries in order to be most effective and relevant to you and your career in an evolving world of business. To help you develop faster, 45% of the program can be tailored to your individual, personal, and professional goals.

Furthermore, the program emphasizes important universal skills, such as critical thinking, communication, interpersonal skills, and collaboration. Finally, the IE International MBA encourages all students to develop their entrepreneurial thinking so that they can be competitive in any industry or new venture.


After the Core Period, you will choose one of four options during the Lab Period that will allow you to focus on your own professional goals: do you want to create maximum impact within an existing company, do you desire to start your own business, do you wish to create social impact or do you hope to gain work experience that can help spark a career change? The idea is to enrich the core curriculum with uniquely packaged, relevant and hands-on input that you would otherwise not get in an MBA program.


In the Business Impact Lab, you focus on developing your integrative skills and cross-disciplinary management perspectives to be ready to create real impact from day 1 in any organization you will join post-MBA. You acquire the tools to question the status quo and to implement transformational ideas in a corporate setting. There are real challenges by real companies, but your solutions may be anything but ordinary. Critical knowledge areas include…

  • Corporate Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate Business Model Innovation
  • Mastering the Big Data Challenge
  • Strategy Implementation
  • Change Management
  • Corporate Governance and Board Dynamics