If you have missed TEDxIEMadrid this time, you can still watch it here: http://ow.ly/nGf330kq58X


This past Thursday, June 7th, we celebrated the 4th edition of TEdxIEMadrid, themed “Simplexity”.


We were really excited to have a full house at Teatros Luchana and an additional 1100 viewers of the live streaming of the live broadcasting of the event, making it the most successful edition in TEDxIEMadrid history. For the first time this year the organizing team was composed of current students, alumni, staff and faculty members, and a big group of volunteers across the entire IE community, who all deserve a big round of applause for putting this event together. We would also like to extend our gratitude to IE Foundation and School of Human Science and Technology for sponsoring the event!


Change often happens when the simple and the complex collide. When a shift in perspective allows us to see differently and create a new connection.When the previously complex suddenly becomes clear. When a simple change causes a huge impact. Let’s discover together what inspiring things can be done when we search for those new connections. When we are open to discovering something different. When we realize that simple changes can have a big impact and even the most complex challenges can be solved if we only work together.


Check out the TEDxIEMadrid website here