The food industry opens the doors to IE Alumni who are disrupting the sector.

From traditional Italian Trattorias to worldwide food delivery services, IE Alumni are revolutionizing the way we experience the food industry with innovative ventures across the world.

Every day at lunch time students, professors, Madrid locals, hipsters, executives and health-food junkies flock to the new hot spot in town—just across the street from IE Business School. A long line snakes out the glass door and spills onto the corner of Maria de Molina with Velazquez, as people chat and scan the Honest Greens menu so they can be ready to order when their turn comes.

The health-conscious, modern fast-food restaurant is part of a chain founded in Spain in 2017, featuring dishes ranging from personalized plant-based salads and sugar-free snacks to grass-fed beef and free-range chicken dishes. The organic-chic wooden interiors have captured the attention of the IE community, making the restaurant one of the most visible hot sites around IE.

However, very few might know that this is just the most visible property of IE Business School Alumni Christopher Fuchs’ (IMBA 2005) Urban Gourmet holding, encompassing five restaurants and growing.

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