The Class of 2020 is our most adaptable and innovative yet. These rising stars face difficult times ahead, but we are sure that with the learnings, network, and experience gained throughout their year at IE, they have exciting and fulfulling careers ahead.

Graduation looked different this year. For the first time, IE Graduation was entirely online, connecting students, faculty, alumni, family, and guest speakers from all over the world. While we miss the hugs and the in-person toasts, the digital world is powerful. This ceremony was able to include far more people than an ordinary ceremony. Our graduates´ positive attitude and flexibility speaks volumes as to their character.

These are the skills that employers of the future are going to demand: creativity in the face of challenge, collaboration in remote teams, dynanism and opennmindedness, tech-savvy. IE always strives to empower students with these skills, but this year the practical training was more hands-on than ever.

Congratulations 2020 graduates! You are ready for the “new normal,” and remember that IE will be there to support you as you pursue your goals. You can take advantage of the Alumni Network, Lifelong Learning at IE, and more.

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