At IE University, we place a heavy emphasis on about what the future will look like and what kind of education our students should receive in order to thrive in it. Our values come from a belief that we can use innovation and technology to break down boundaries, benefiting people the world over.

IE University’s objective is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2030. To reach this objective, IE University will focus on:

  • Reduce the use of plastic, single-use water bottles and promote responsible consumption, reducing purchase of plastic water bottles by 100% by the end of 2021.
  • Reduce paper consumption. Beginning in September 2020, all documentation will be digital.
  • Reduce energy consumption on campus via more efficient lighting, air conditioning, etc. in order to become zero-emission by 2030. During 2020, IE University will focus on increasing our purchased renewable energy to 70%.
  • Reduce the use of single-use packaging on campus by 50% by the end of 2020. When necessary, use recycled plastic or compostable PLA (derived from corn). Build awareness about recycling at the institution to increase by 50% the waste we recycle during 2020.
  • Implement new methods of movement of staff, faculty, and students between campus buildings. For example: car-pooling, electric shuttles, and bicycle racks so that at least 50% of IE community can use sustainable transport by the end of 2020.

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